Gevey Sim is a new gen pass-through card. In case someone does not possess baseband-1.59.00 on their latest iPhone 4 device (particularly GSM model); Gevey SIM is in fact the only method to unlock the device for illegitimate carriers.

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Is this Tethered Unlocking Really Legal?

It is a tethered unlock, which necessitates an emergency call to be made to112 so as to attach after each and every reboot of baseband. Even though it has been very useful to all iPhone 4 consumers, legality of its usage has been actually questioned many times all over the world.

With the help of Furious Mod, there is absolutely no need of manually dialing to emergency numbers, and hence there is only less numbers of chances for any possible error to take place. It has been said that Gevey Ultra really does not operate fruitfully with a baseband that normally relates to iOS 5.x edition i.e. 04.11.04, or even greater, since it could be well-matched only with basebands that are in the range of 04.10.01, and even lesser.

Which Base bands Can be Used?

Gevey Ultra S has been proclaimed to be proficient to unlock the latest iPhone 4S gadgets that are operating on iOS 5.0, as well as 5.0.1. In actual fact, the basebands with which the latest Gevey Ultra S could work effectively are 1.0.12, 1.0.11, and lastly 1.0.14. After many months of waiting, the Gevey Sim that can easily unlock the latest iPhone 4 device basebands, including 2.10.04, 3.10.01, and 4.10.01, provided relief to a large number of iPhone consumers all around the globe.

Is It Really Worth Your Money?

But, probably most of the consumers might have already heard lots of talks regarding Gevey Sim, whether it is really worth buying, and whether it could work collectively with majority of the networks that are present around the globe. Apart from these queries, there are a few fascinating facts related to Gevey SIM that all the iPhone consumers should know. Muscle Nerd who belongs to iPhone Dev Crew said that it’s unlawful to make use of Gevey SIM for unlocking iPhone devices.

However, in reply to the statements made by Muscle Nerd, ApplenBerry and the Gevey Team clearly refused to make any comments, and proclaimed that its usage is not illegal. It’s really astonishing to see how individuals believe the things that are published across many websites on the Internet. Before going deep into the discussion on whether the usage of the Gevey Sim is legal or not, it is advisable to read the detailed investigation of the Gevey Tubor SIM hacking in the first place.

The Diplomatic War

When a member of the Dev team declared that the Gevey Tubor SIM usage is completely unlawful, you might have noticed a large number of sites publishing information regarding how horribly unlawful the Gevey SIM actually is. In actual scenario, it is nothing but a gang war between the software unlockers, and the hardware unlockers. The technique used by the Dev team to unlock the iPhone device is actually not completely lawful as compared to the method utilized by the hardware unlock.

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Do you really believe that Apple would enjoy the Dev Crew clearly riding into their newest iOS gadgets, and including additional functionality that Apple Inc. doesn’t want, by any means? In reality, there is absolutely no illegality associated with the usage of the Gevey SIM to unlock the iPhone 4 devices, as you simply need to dial 112, and use hang up technique before it connects. Yes, it is actually unlawful to dial to 112, and pause until it gets connected, but there is absolutely no need of doing that in the case of using the Gevey SIM.

So, you make use of the Gevey SIM without really worrying about any legal issues!

Author Bio – Brandi is a technology enthusiast who loves to make the most out of her iPhone. She is always keen on applying new hacks to unlock new functionality in her iPhone, and often writers’ handy DIY guides; to follow her tutorials, visit website.

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