Connected Factories Are More Efficient

Ensuring the flow of information across factory floors is a high priority these days. Things go wrong and unplanned downtime decreases productivity. With the evolution of IoT (internet of things), manufacturers can control and optimize operations by integrating operational technology (OT) data flow from production systems and plant equipment.

Factory Workers Connected Factories Are More Efficient

Covisint’s connected factory solution enables the identification, authorization, and connection of complex networks of people, processes, systems and things and provides real-time insight on operations and business health.

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TFS Training Courses for Every Skill Level

Interested in learning about Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015 or Visual Studio Online?  QuickLearn offers introductory, professional, and advanced TFS training. They currently offer the following Microsoft TFS training courses: DevOps Using Visual Studio ALM 2015; TFS 2015 Configuration & Administration; TFS 2015 Developer Fundamentals – Git; TFS 2015 Developer Fundamentals – TFVC; Developing ALM Solutions Using Visual Studio TFS 2015; Managing Agile Projects Using TFS 2015; Software Testing Using Microsoft Test Manager 2015; Test Automation, Web Performance, and Load Testing; and Visual Studio 2015 Developer Enterprise Features.

Micro services‬ TFS Training Courses for Every Skill Level

Depending on your experience with TFS and whether you are a project manager, tester, developer, or an individual working in the IT field, different courses may be better suited to your needs.  These courses are available to retake for free within 6 months!

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Is Hybrid Cloud Hosting a Mixed Blessing of Sorts?

Well, suddenly, protecting business data is all about cloud hosting. Each and every organization or business enterprise, big or small, is moving towards the cloud, in a bid to keep data secure. Whereas cloud computing could be a perfect solution for some, for others, the security, flexibility and certainty provided by in-house storage solutions could guarantee more peace of mind! And it is not all that simple either. Even cloud computing will offer several choices to consider.

Hybrid cloud Is Hybrid Cloud Hosting a Mixed Blessing of Sorts?

The Questions you are Likely to be confronted with

Do, you wish for a private server or a shared cloud? Is a virtual private server the most befitting solution for you? And of course, in the midst of it all are those seeking to embrace the cloud without throwing away their existing IT investments for in-house storage! And for them, hybrid cloud hosting would be the best possible solution. While it does seem like a win-win solution for most enterprises, will tasting success be all that simple? We take a closer look here.

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Get up and running with Microsoft Azure in 3 Days

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based platform that provides the ideal foundation for many business and development functions.  Azure’s flexible nature supports multiple operating systems, programming languages and devices, allowing limitless customization. Azure is relied on by 57% of Fortune 500 companies and use-cases include academic learning, mobile app development, cloud computing and analytics for small business, enterprise and anything in between.

Network Server Get up and running with Microsoft Azure in 3 Days

Microsoft Azure training through QuickLearn Training can get you and your company up and running with this powerful tool in three days. Classes are hosted in Kirkland, Washington and as a remote attendance option, beginning July 13th and September 9th.

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Developer Deep Dive for BizTalk 2013

QuickLearn offers a 5-day Developer Deep Dive for BizTalk 2013, starting on the following dates and locations: June 8 in Utrecht (Netherlands) and Kirkland (Washington), July 6 in Sydney (Australia), July 20 and September 14 in Kirkland, September 28 in Oslo (Norway), November 9 in Kirkland and Utrecht, and December 7 in Oslo, Norway.

Server room Developer Deep Dive for BizTalk 2013

This course is for experienced BizTalk Server developers who have a minimum of six months of hands-on experience and who want to take their BizTalk Server skills to the next level. Classes can be attended in person or remotely and be retaken for free within six months.

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